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8/31/2014 12:41 PM
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Welcome to
San Antonio Great Dane Rescue
Homeward Bound Rescue

We are a charitable organization. Our only income is from adoptions and donations. We try our very best to save dogs that may need a little extra time or attention. These guys can be a little more expensive though!   As a group, this Rescue decided that we are not going to be like others. We are going to do everything possible to save the dogs we commit to, even those with unique health challenges. And we are not too proud to say that we need help to support this decision. Please donate to help support our foster care program.  You can use the PayPal button on this page, come by an adoption event, or mail to the Rescue address.

We are so very thankful for every dollar we receive.


Saturdays 11am - 3pm
Petsmart Alamo Ranch

  @ CULEBRA & 1604

Big Dog Sunday
First sunday of every month! 
At the Alamo Ranch Petsmart
July's event is July 13th

The following positions are available:

Event Setup: Saturdays 8:30am - 11am
Dog Walkers: Saturdays 11am - 3pm
Adoption Counselors:  Saturdays 11am - 4pm

Go to Forms/Applications to apply
Come to an event and ask how you can volunteer.  We will be happy to get you started!

We have accepted a new "special needs" baby into the foster program! Meet Lilly, she needs your donations and or sponsorship
See "Sponsorship Info" to the left of your  

The phone call we received was from a tearful shelter volunteer. She told us they had picked up a great dane as a stray, and that she was one of the nicest dogs she had ever met. The catch... She has a contagious tumor. It's an easily treated, even easier to prevent disease. Poor Lilly should have never ended up like this in the first place. The treatment is long and expensive, but with a face like this, how could we say no!? Please donate to help us help her. Our vet estimates her cost of care will be around $1500.00. Once treatment is finished she will be 100% healthy and adoptable! We can literally make all the difference between life and death for this girl!!! 

hale dog doors



To protect homeless, abandoned and mistreated Great Danes and other dog breeds within our volunteer care organization. To work with area animal shelters and humane societies in  rescue efforts to  help place adoptable animals into safe,  loving, forever homes. To educate people about spay/neuter and the need for sterilization of all pets, proper health care of a pet, nutritional requirements, socialization and training.

All our dogs will go to their forever homes neutered / spayed to prevent the euthanasia of all healthy dogs and to reduce the number of unwanted dogs being destroyed each year. We try to educate the general public why you shouldn’t buy a dog/puppy from a pet store and and advise them about puppy mills and unethical breeding practices.

Spay and neuter your part of the solution and not the problem


We are a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization and we are the number 1 Great Dane rescue in San Antonio and surrounding areas.  We pride ourselves with all the volunteer work we do and everything we do for the dogs that we rescue. The rescue is an
all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, the rehabilitation and the placement of all Great Danes and other breeds that are in the rescue.


We evaluate the temperament of the dogs that come into this rescue and make sure that they go to the correct family. We ensure that all of our dogs are in homes that will provide a safe living environment, which can give the attention and interaction that the dog deserves.  All of these dogs are in foster families throughout San Antonio and the surrounding areas and will stay there until the correct home will be found.  They are NOT in a shelter in cages or runs; they are all in loving homes that share our beds, our couches for that short period of our lives.

Pet Guardian Angels of America, a national pet rescue and adoption assistance service also offering general and health related articles and resources for all types of pets.


We are not a shelter and therefore do not have a facility to accept or keep dogs. We need our limited resources to continue to pull dogs from kill shelters. For this reason, we do not accept strays or surrendered dogs. Our only exceptions are our specialty of giant breeds. These include: Great Danes, most Mastiffs, Great Pyerennes, St. Bernards, and some mixes of the previous breeds.

Requests to surrender one of our accepted breeds, please complete the surrender form, accessed by a tab to the left of your screen.

We would LOVE for our rescue dogs to have a comfortable place to sleep. For many, it will be their first bed. Imagine the comfort these dogs would feel after sleeping on the ground, in culverts, and in vermin infested corners.
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